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Patio Doors


Enhance the look of your home with our stylish range of Patio doors. Our revolutionary Patio Plus doors have a number of unique features which will add value to your home.

Market Leading UPVC Patio Doors
As trusted Liniar installers, all our customers benefit from highly efficient patio doors. Manufactured to the highest specifications, the Patio Plus by Liniar surpasses security and efficiency standards.

With sculptured features, our beautiful range of patio doors provide a warm and modern feel for your home.

Slim Sight Lines
Ultra-slim sightlines reduce UPVC, allow for more glass creating unobstructed views and maximise the sunlight that enters your home.

Super Smooth Action
Our revolutionary ‘air-glide’ system provides a super smooth and quiet operating action when opening and closing the sliding patio doors. It also makes it extremely easy to open and close your new patio door.
Patio Doors
High Security Locking System
Our Patio Plus door is fitted with the latest high security locking systems pioneered by the renowned Yale locksmith.

The revolutionary ModLok locking system has four hook bolts as well as two shoot-bolts at the top and bottom, making the Patio Plus sliding door the most secure product of its kind.

The Patio Plus range of products is available in an extensive selection of designs, styles and colours. We can also design the door to cater for two, three or four panes depending on your needs. There is a range of handle colour options including white, black, chrome and gold to complement the range of UPVC colours including white, cream, Rosewood, Light Oak and Irish Oak.

Energy Efficiency
The new Patio Plus features a revolutionary five chamber system which prevents cold air from the outside coming into the property and therefore makes the product the most thermally efficient in the marketplace. This will help reduce fuel bills and keep your home warmer.

Environmentally Friendly
The new Patio Plus is the most environmentally friendly product of its kind since it is manufactured 100% lead free meeting forthcoming legislation ahead of time. On top of this, all of the elements of the patio sliding door have been designed to be easily re-cycled at the end of their lifetime.

Patio Doors Prices
Patio Doors are an affordable and attractive addition to any home. Contact us today for a free quotation and expert advice. We can show you product samples, answer any questions you may have and offer impartial stylistic advice.

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